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Researchers will stop at nothing to reach consumers, but Solve Media has taken it one step further than their competitors.

Brand research imbedded within captcha.

My initial reaction: First I thought "seriously?!" Then I had a long internal debate about the level of ethics that Solve might be breeching. It makes me alternately find them brilliant and then turn around to make sure no one saw me appreciating such blatant advertising.

I suppose if they're going to make you prove your humanity you might as well be doing something useful (I don't include squinting in that category). However, I'm confused about the ROI for this method. I have a hard time believing that it will instill any brand identities within the consumers top-of-mind behavior.

Additionally, how good can the results actually be? Won't people be frustrated and type whatever without giving the actual product much thought? People tend to be easily annoying by this type of research and advertising combination and I believe in the end there must be a more effective method.

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