Ipsos is I-Say, I See They Say

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According to the blog on Greenbook, Ipsos is the second most talked about market research company in the bizz. Ipsos has recently changed their name to I-Say so I wandered over to the redesigned website to sneak a peek.

I was surprised that the site is geared more toward adding panel members than marketing to companies that may want to use their data. The first screen asked you to sign up. I figured this would be good experience as to what this process consists of, so I went ahead and put in all my information.

With this company, you take surveys as they become available and have the chance of receiving cash, paypal funds, gift cards, or donations to various charities. One thing I find interesting is the incentive here for the participant to choose to donate. When given these options the guilt factor might play into the choice which could benefit the company when they write off the donations in their taxes.

I joined I-Say and started a few of their basic surveys. I was disappointed with the survey design from the get-go. I was asked how many people are in my household, which I always find a difficult question as a college student. I'm not quite independent of my parents, but I'm also not necessarily a part of their household. How should one respond? That also related to my income and whether or not someone in my household owns a car. I don't personally, but my parents do. How does that translate? There were a few options where "1 or less" definitely should have said 0-1. That's another pet peeve that I've seen on numerous surveys in the last few months.

I also feel like their site needs a whole new redesign to look more modern. With graphics like this, they could stand to improve:


I don't think they are doing anything particularly innovative with their company. Listing just basic quantitative services that don't get to the root of many issues. I will probably continue using Ipsos/I-say mostly out of curiosity. I would like to understand more about why they were listed as a top company and whether the change-over to I-Say has positively or negatively affected their company.

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