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TED talks are a gold mine for researchers. This particular one caught my attention because of it's relation to one of my favorite subjects: statistics. Research doesn't provide much if there isn't an analysis where statistics are analyzed. Hans Rosling took the opportunity of this TED talk to discuss his company's growth in creating searchable public data.

Last week in class we discussed how to present data in an interesting manor. This is something Rosling really excelled at. He included some humor (comparing his grad students and fellow professors to chimpanzees) and managed to make a difficult concept like "Global Health" easy to understand.

The main point Rosling was trying to reach was to show that public data exists and there is no reason why the public should not be able to access it. His bright colors and moving visuals were captivating and show a whole new way to convey statistics to those with minimal background in the subject.

Here's one example of the old system:

Compared with his new company "Gapminder" and their vision:

This is eye-opening information that could change global research entirely. I wonder if there would be any impact on strategic communications professionals as they globalize their markets. It's another story of "time will tell..."

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