"That's Insane, Mate"

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A new viral campaign has come out of New Zealand DDB is really taking their language seriously.

New Zealand is only one country of many where women make less money than men. This new ad highlights this fact with a parking lot attendant charging a man 10% more than women are charged.

When the male inquires as to why he's being charged more the attendent is quick to tell him that it's due to him having a penis. He replies with a swift, "That's insane, man!"

This ad is interesting for a lot of reasons. DDB took a risk by using a word that is usually avoided in advertisements. It invokes an uncomfortable feeling almost, which is exactly its intention. The ad aims to make you uncomfortable that women on average are paid 10 percent less for doing the exact same job.

I think this advertisement is incredibly effective. Obviously DDB knew that the key strategy to reaching men would be to target their own securities. This would have meant research on the psychology of men and money.

The website formed around this video calls for a petition with 100,000 male and 100,000 female signatures. I wonder if this list will be used to further promote gender equality or be sold and distributed to interested parties. Will the penises care?

Here's their website with some great design that is sure to be mentioned in upcoming strat comm media outlets:


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