True Life: I'm Addicted to Research

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Sounds like we should send Bravo over to A&E for an Intervention. Apparently, they are addicted to research, as if it were an illegal substance.

"We snort up research like fine Colombian cocaine."

Said Andy Cohen, TV host and Bravo executive. This enthusiasm must be what makes "Watch What Happens Live" the number one late night TV show. People get the change this show, affect it. They call, they tweet, they email. Like my earlier entry, Cohen talks about Twitter as a focus group. He discusses firing certain Bravo celebs due to negative feedback.

Overally, Cohen says:

"I'm a big believer in going with your gut. Do what you want, but if it's not what the other person wants, let go. ...Learn from your failures and at least try to study what didn't work."

And how could I not agree? Aren't we all just a little bit addicted to research? We read newspapers and magazines which are filled with research and statistics even when we don't realize it. What is a profile other than an in-depth interview? What is a quiz in a magazine other than a mini-survey?

Research is everywhere. It's it's water, it's products, it's brands, it's on the street, in the classroom, it's cocaine.

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