April 24, 2006

Artist Jochem Hendricks

Background information and description of Jochem Hendricks:
So many times art that is created with technology such as computers is not truly seen as a work of art. In some ways, I can honestly understand why many people believe this. (Or I should say I USED TO understand why people thought this). However, now that I have worked with this type of media to create some of my own art I have a new found respect for it. This form of art still takes time, effort, and skill. The other argument that people have against digital art is that there isn't a feeling of originality. With the programs such as Photoshop people are very able to go into images and make them almost too perfect. This creates images that are no longer hand made or crafted. However, the artist Jochem Hendricks from Germany gets the feeling of process and originality in his work. Not only does he leave his work alone (don't "fix it up" in Photoshop), but he also draws in a scribble-like way. The process of drawing in his work is done by having people physically wear goggles with infrared video that traces the eye's movements. This then is transferred onto a computer. The finished product is then a complex line drawing that sometimes turns up a recognizable image of what the person was looking at and tracing with their eye. However, the traced image usually ends up being a large scribbled mess - which is very interesting to think that that is how our eyes view things.
This link leads to some of his work:

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