March 1, 2006

three billy goats gruff

I created a website depicting the story of three billy goats gruff.
I depicted this story in a very simplistic way to make it a little more modern that how it is normally seen. A very common strategy used by advertisers lately is to use basic silhouettes on the main objects/characters (in white). I personally find this to be a very effective use of negative space. Because I see this so often now, I decided to test it out for myself. One of the biggest challenges for me in this process was to get the silhouettes to have very smooth, fluid edges. This was a very important thing to take care of because the white really stands out against the other colors that I used, and if they were to just be left it would have a very sloppy outcome. My favorite part of creating these images was drawing the troll in Photoshop. Because trolls are thought to be ugly it made it easier for me to have fun and design something that didn't necessarily have to have a clean cut look to it. The reason I stuck to three main colors was to make sure that the goats were the primary focus in the images. I first experimented with creating backgrounds made of photos of grass and such, but later decided that those images looked to busy and unclear. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the outcome, and I believe the strongest points are in the images with the troll.