May 11, 2006

Duluth Prints

For my final project I chose to take photographs throughout the city of Duluth of various things that I found interesting. I tried to take pictures of mainly things that really meant something to me personally as well. This got to be a little tricky at times because Duluth is a very large city and it required a lot of time simply to get the photos. Once I had these pictures, I brought them into photoshop and cropped them until I got only the specific part of the image that I was planning on using. Then I placed various amount of photographs on each page by collaging them together. Once I had my desired composition I made the different pictures at varying degrees of saturation. For the most part I made the images very saturated and colorful becuase I wanted a fun, busy look. This was by far my favorite project that I have done in this class because it felt so personal to me. I really liked the end result and am glad that I chose to create six images rather than my original idea of four. I believe that the black matting also adds a lot to finish up my desired look.