May 1, 2006

Pomegranate Clothing

We were assigned a Greek project for the extras of a movie that was never actully created. Does that sound a little confusing? Well honestly, I was a little lost for where I should start on this project. (as was my group that I was working with - there were three of us). We actually took a small part of the Greek myth that focused on pomegranate and incorporated that in clothing design. After a bunch of research viewings of pomegranates, we designed Greek dresses that incorporate that look. For example, I designed a dress (based off of traditional Greek ware) and created a border design along the bottom hem that shows cut open pomegranates (close up). I drew all of dresses by hand with pencil on regular print paper, and once I had them drawn out I went back over them with black ink. Once this process was completed, I scanned these images into my computer and digitally added some color and played more with pomegranate images. With the digital files, my group created a CD filled with various dresses. With all of the original drawings we each made a storyboard that would go behind the fashion designers from the movie in the extras part of the DVD. At the end I believe my board had a professional look to it and I really was pleased with the outcome. At the beginning of this project I was nerveous of the outcome - but I am overall happy. Even though one requirement was to have some digital work since this is afterall a digital class, my favorite part by far was doing the hand drawings and designing of the dresses to begin with.