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New sessions are always bittersweet as an educator. I am sorry that the learners I have been working with will be moving on, and, I am excited to get started going over the course topics and skills all over again.

So, some things I want you to know as you are getting started...

Our learning management system, Moodle, is considered user-friendly for educators and learners. What this should mean for all of you is that you will most likely find it pretty easy to navigate and use when you need to submit your assignments.

Start with the course syllabus!

For the course, topics are set up in modules. The modules are set up in weekly sequence to better help you see when a topic or topics are changing. Course due dates are also available in the course Calendar, and, in the Upcoming events area below the course calendar.

Discussions, assignments, and wikis are different submission tools in Moodle. Discussions (sometimes listed as blogs in the course) allow everyone in the class to post and provide feedback. Assignments require you to upload a file for the professor to grade. Wikis are shared work areas.

Somewhat new to Moodle are the check boxes next to some areas in the course site. Rather than use these check boxes for everything, I have reserved these check boxes for course assignments.You can check off which components you have completed and I have set a few of these to auto-complete when you have met required assignment criteria.

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