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Macy's Celebrity Chef Tim Scott Stirred Up Lunchtime Crowd

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Macy’s Culinary Council Chef Tim Scott shared recipes and entertaining ideas with a lunchtime crowd of mostly women on Friday in the Macy’s Culinary Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis. Although likely best known for being part of the Chefs for Humanity Chefs Council, Chef Scott is the corporate executive chef for all of what’s left of the beleaguered Macy’s North – that’s a lot of restaurants to run. But his experience as a cooking teacher for both adults and children shined Friday afternoon as he effortlessly demonstrated some of the Latin menu items featured in those very Macy’s restaurants coordinating with Floranova, this year’s Latin-themed Spring Flower Show going on right now through March 30, also in Macy’s Minneapolis.

His own daughter, Maddie, ably aided Chef Scott. Their palpable chemistry was a big part of the success of the event, but another big winner was the food itself. Kudos to Macy’s who made food sampling easy by both sprinkling attractive tables nearby hosted by chefs handing out tasty wares throughout the demonstration, along with smoothly conducting waitrons to deliver constant fare in a beeline from Chef Scott’s stove to the hungry audience members.

By all accounts, Chef Scott’s Shrimp Guacamole served on crispy plantains, accompanied by a glass of the deliciously festive Mango Agua made the audience feel like we were honored guests at the best party in town.