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German 'Robot' Restaurant


If there’s one thing I learned during these college years struggling to earn my CLA foreign language requirement, it’s that German service workers are surly, not particularly freundlich. So what did the ever-enterprising Germans do to combat that not-so-nice reputation? Why, the BBC reports that Germany opened a fully automated restaurant, ‘s Baggers in Nürnberg, which replaces waiters and waitresses with a table-side menu screen and a roller coaster track that sends your just-cooked a grillds Schbanfergl (grilled suckling pig) down the rails to you from the kitchen in the sky.

London’s successful fleet of yo! Sushi automats likely inspired the Germans. These popular self-serve restaurants tempt guests with color coded plates full of your potential meal gliding by on conveyor belts – so much fun! And right here on Eat Street in Minneapolis The Bad Waitress eliminates servers altogether by making hungry diners figure out for themselves that no waitress will ever be coming to your table to take your order. It’s a do it yourself affair where you fill out your own order slip, then bring it up to the register to place your order. Somehow, it works.

The German news video wraps up by proposing the equation: no waitrons = no tip required, but that’s not the case with both yo! Sushi and The Bad Waitress. They still expect tips. These modern restaurants needn't worry; my inborn guilt would compel me to tip even if real robots were running the restaurant.