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Robin Quivers of “The Howard Stern Show’ is vegan . . . and thin!

stern quivers.jpg

Robin Quivers , the millionaire side-kick to crude, shock-jock Howard Stern on his Sirius radio show, is now known for being a recent convert to veganism. What is newsworthy is that she credits her concurrent 60 lb. weight loss to her new vegan food plan. Wow! I want to go on the Robin Quivers vegan diet. The New York Diet blog begged Quivers to sell them on becoming vegan. The world wants to know her vegan diet secrets, too, beyond ‘don’t eat meat or cheese’.

Good News: Quivers complied with the request by giving New York Magazine’s blog a taste of how she now eats as a vegan.

Bad News: It looks like being vegan is a full-time job, but she can do that because:

1. She is single and answers to no one in her private life.

2. Her real job is pretty simple: she sits next to Howard Stern for a few hours a day and takes his abuse, and ....

3. Did I mention she’s a millionaire? I'm sure she doesn't have to either prepare or clean up after making all those veggie juices and smoothies and salads.

After you read her daily meal details you’ll see for yourself how very little I exaggerate about her near-starvation vegan eating regimen.

Something tells me that most committed vegans don’t follow Quivers’ plan where she essentially fasts on a diet of vegetable juice for breakfast, dry salad leaves for lunch, cayenne pepper lemon water for snacks and grilled veggies for dinner. Her at-home meals are supplemented by Quivers’ frequent visits to the toniest restaurants in the world just so she can eschew these famous dining establishments’ meats and cheeses and order not much at all. She just could have just stayed home and had a V8.

We look to famous people to be our role models, lapping up any bits of entertainment info, hoping that some of their star-power will rub off on our less than stellar lives.

Valerie Bertinelli lost 40 lbs. and is thin again? Is that thanks to Nutri-System or is Bertinelli still taking those ‘chemical substances’ that she has been known to enjoy and which also have that ‘appetite killer’ bonus?

J.Lo is thin again even though she just bore twins? Lopez’s local Westchester Weight Watcher meetings sure must be exciting, or more likely, her tummy tuck stitches are healing nicely.

Lets give ourselves a break and choose to be vegan for our own moral values rather than treat veganism as the next, temporary “too good to be true? diet plan as we jump on yet another star-power weight loss bandwagon.