Digital Reference Consolidation Support

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Proposed Staffing Model
All reference desk staff responsible for digital reference (Wilson, Sci/Eng, Magrath, HSL) will answer chat questions and process/refer/answer e-mail questions during assigned desk shifts (see General Expectations and Guidelines for more specific information on managing multiple interactions).  Chat questions will roll to the national queue if no staff member is able to assist due to interactions with other patrons.  When only one desk is staffed (some evening and weekend hours) and providing Digital Reference support, e-mail questions will have lower priority over in-person interactions and may be left in the queue to be handled on the next business day.

Contact the Digital Reference Consolidation Team with any questions:

Kristi Jensen, Chair

Mary Schoenborn, RRC Co-chair

Tony Ihrig, RRC Co-Chair

Virginia Gunville Bach

Scott Marsalis

Emily Reimer


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