Public Service Desk Staff

The ASKUS-LIST provides a means of communicating with all staff on this page.  See Mary's welcome note to learn more about the purpose of the list.  Directions on posting to the list, signing off from the list, and other listserv commands/functions are described here.

Becky Adamski
Lynn Beck
Elena Carrillo
Jackie Gulbranson
Virginia Gunville Bach- digital reference contact
Robert Katz
Ji Kim
Jason Ladd
Dennis Lien
Jessica Mattson
Bill Pederson
Charles Potter
Lynn Skupeko
Danika Stegeman

Sci/Eng & Saint Paul:
Tim Engelstad
Terry Garey
Charlie J Heinz
Tony Ihrig - digital reference contact
Amy Lewis
Mary Mortenson
Amy Neeser
Priscilla Pope
Chris Schlief
Lynn Tran

Health Science Library
Melissa Aho
Randy Brooks
Amy Claussen
David Lenander
Katie Otto
David Peterson
Del Reed
Emily Reimer- digital reference contact
Judith Stanke

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