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Journal Entry 8 5/4/2010

Today for my outdoor activity I decided to do yoga on my front porch with my roommate Tammy. It was really nice because I haven't done yoga in a few years. Unfortunately, we only did it for about 20 minutes because it started to sprinkle and the wind made the rain blow underneath the porch. The sky was beautiful because it was pink and orange, but it was also different shades of gray.

Journal Entry 7 5/3/2010

I would have to say, today was the most interesting outdoor event by far. I had to work at DQ today, and my bike is my only means of transportation, so this was my outdoor activity of the day. As I was biking home from work on the Lake Walk at around 9:30pm, I thought that I saw a person randomly laying down on the other side of the fence along the train tracks. Turns out, it was a BLACK BEAR!!! No joke. It ran towards the wall, and then back towards me to try to jump over the fence but it couldn't. I ran into two guys a few yards ahead of me on the path and said, "You guys, there's a black bear back there!!" and they said, "We know, we WERE going to go running that way but we don't want to get our heads ripped off". I then said, "Actually, I kind of want to go see it again", so we tried to look for it but couldn't find it. They decided to go running that way anyway. I told them I hope they don't get bitten or eaten...hopefully their run went okay! I've always heard stories of bear sightings in Duluth, and now I can say that I was a part of witnessing a live black bear. A few weekends ago, I actually saw a fox walking around London Road. I'm surprised by how much wildlife I see around the roads in Duluth!

Journal Entry 6 5/2/2010

I had to work on a project for my German class with my partners, and we decided to meet on campus today because it was the mid way point for where each of us lives. Since the buses don't run on Sundays, I rode my bike up the hill to school. It was nice today because it wasn't incredibly hot or cold, although, admittedly, I end up sweating by the time I get to the top of 21st Avenue! It makes me so happy that the Duluth air finally has a scent of spring with the green grass and hint of worm. I just love it. I also enjoyed the fact that for some reason today there wasn't a ton of traffic going by as I was making my way up the hill. When there is a lot of traffic it takes a way from the enjoyment of the bike trip because I need to constantly watch myself and make sure I don't get run over :). I keep imagining myself this summer, having to bike up this massive hill every time I work, since A. I will be living on Woodland Ave. and working at the Canal Park DQ, and B. My bicycle is my only means of transportation. Hopefully it won't be too painful.

Journal Entry 5 5/1/2010 (May Day!!)

Today was a very interesting outside activity day. One of my friends was volunteering at the Lief Erickson Park 'Respect Your Mother Earth' festival, and I told him I would come help. There were quite a few people there, despite the iffy weather. This year he was in charge of the kid's activity tepee, where kids could paint on rocks, plant a seed, or get their face painted. I helped do a few face paintings. There was also live music, people flying kites, and people playing with their dogs.

Journal Entry 4 4/30/2010

Since it was raining today I was not able to do a prolonged outdoor activity. However, I walked to and from the bus stop, and luckily it wasn't raining as I was doing so. Duluth definitely needed the rain though. I love the way the rain makes everything look shiny!