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Journal Entry 3 4/29/210

Today I decided to go jogging outside. Since I had to stay on campus for the day, I decided to run around the track. It was a change of pace from my normal running route (which is usually just along Jefferson St.). Fortunately, the track also had the hurdles on it as well, so I did a few of them. However, I did not realize that a few are a little taller than others, so my shoe got caught on those and I almost did a face plant onto the track! As I was running on the track, for some reason the placement of the hurdles looked like runners in front of me because of the way they were spaced. I noticed a lot of geometry as I was running- the oval field, the triangles on each lane of the track, the rectangular stairs on the bleachers, the rectangular markings on the football field, etc.

Journal Entry 2 4/28/2010

For my outdoor activity of the day, I decided to go for a night walk with my friend Sean. In fact, I just got back a bit ago. It is 10:04pm right now. We walked from campus to his house, stopping at the gas station along the way. Sean made a comment about the new Sunkist Fusion pop that he bought, stating that he really liked the label and jokingly said that it made him happy. I said back to him, "It makes ME happy that you notice graphic design by observing the pop label!". As we were walking I noticed the wind. It was a bit cool, but nice. I liked the way it blew through my hair. I also noticed the silhouettes of the trees against the dark blue sky.

Journal Entry 1 4/27/2010

Since my favorite pastime is spending time outside, I have decided to write down my most vivid moments of my daily outdoor experiences.

Today I decided to go on a bike ride to take a break from my German paper. I normally just bike to 24th Ave on Jefferson St., but today I decided to go all the way to the end of Jefferson and then go two blocks up. I ended up in this nice neighborhood that I've never realized existed, with some houses looking like they would be in Hansel and Gretel-- brick chimneys running up the side of the house with vines on them and the German brown wood trim. There was one house in particular that stood out to me, and it had an outdoor gazebo with a glass roof. I felt at home biking around this area because where I live in Afton, MN, the houses are more spread out, as was here.

I am pretty certain that I am going to use Century Gothic for my typeface because it is not cluttered looking (I want to say that it breathes, even though that sounds weird) and it is simple and clean. I like the fact that it is a sans serif typeface which makes it less strict and more outdoorsy/organic.

Project 3 layout (ID document)

Chapter 4: Objects on a Page

This reading provided lots of helpful information on text and how it should be presented on a page. When talking about navigating a page, it makes sense that a viewer looks for an entry point on each page to catch their attention. This is why with my project, I'm going to have movement for each panel of my accordion fold piece, where the man in the suit will be moving around in the paintings. For his position in each of the paintings, I'm going to have him placed asymmetrically as well as symmetrically to provide variety. Since my project has little to do with text, I won't be using too many of the methods I have just learned in the reading, although they are still very useful for future projects. An important fact to remember, for example, is watching out for the leading so that words don't look too cramped in multiple lines of text. Or paying attention to standard verses tight justification, as well as widows (one word on the last line of text). One thing I had never even heard of before is that there are different indent lengths. I think it will take a bit of practice before I know exactly which size of indent to use. With the text that I will be using in my project, I'm going to be sure to use at least a 10pt runaround so as to avoid the text and images to look cluttered. My project is intended to flow smoothly from one panel to the other, so keeping in mind a larger runaround is very important.

Project 3 (Museum-sophisticated yet playful)

I will be doing an accordion fold brochure for my project, using the Museum prompt. For my project, my idea so far is to sell the idea of an art museum, and how when you look at a painting, you can actually feel like you are in the painting. I will have something different going on for each of the accordion panels. For the first one, there will be a man in a suit looking at a painting (the suit is in reference to the sophisticated aspect). There will be a different painting on each of the panels, so for the next panel/painting, the man will be climbing into the painting. The next panel will show him inside the painting. Then he will jump from panel to panel, painting to painting. This will reference the playful idea. There will be a velvet rope (going back to the poem) going across all of the panels, to tie everything together. I will be using the Fibonacci grid to place the paintings on each accordion panel, so that they don't all look like they are placed in the exact middle. I would place each painting on the top left area of the panel (the rule of thirds), but if I did that for each one it would get too repetitive, so I think it would be best to do it for the first one and for the last one place the painting on the upper right corner to tie it all together. Since my idea is all visually based (no text besides the front and back cover), I am going to use the 'K.I.S.S' approach and keep it simple. I will let the panels of the guy simply crawling into the paintings and experiencing them explain the idea of seeing how intellectually and visually stimulating art museums can be.

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