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Environmentalists concerned about ash pollution spills

Attention to ash pond pollution is growing as damages continue from the crash of a damn spilling over a billion tons of sludge through Knoxville Tennesee, that occurred two years ago according to a report by USA Today
The incident at a Tennessee Valley Authority plant caused contaminated drinking water for the small community of East Mount Camel and caused damages to a nearby wildlife sanctuary for endangered birds.
USA Today said that clean-up efforts for the ash ponds, ponds filled with ash waste, are still in the process.
Problems such as those that occurred in Tennessee have drawn attention to environmentalists who are now calling for legislation in handling ash and coal combustion wastes.
Many want ban the ability to use ash ponds, that is known for polluting water, altogether.
We need a national regulation that gets rid of that practice," said Jeff Stant, director of the Environmental Integrity Project's effort to address coal combustion waste. "What happened at Gibson shows why."
According to the Ethical Traveler, ash spills will threaten wildlife for years by trace amounts of arsenic, cadmium, mercury, thallium, and other toxins in the coal ash.