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FDA calls a peanut product investigation

A criminal investigation is being conducted by the Food and Drug Administration regarding the salmonella outbreaks found in peanut products issued from the Peanut Corporation of America according to a report issued Saturday by the NY Times.
The organization has admitted to sending the products being aware of the contamination.
However, this is not the first occasion in which the company has been proven of peanut product contamination. Metal shavings were found in a shipment from Canada and was refused entrance into the United States last April, according to the F.D.A.
This caused the agency to ask officials in Georiga to inspect the company's plant in Blakely to ensure its safety.
Previously, products suspicous of contamination were only those sold in bulk to schools, nursing homes, and hospitals.
However, as of Friday the recall of PCA products was expanded to include all products made in its Blakely plant that were produced in 2007 and the first half of 2008 says a report from USA Today
Currently more than 400 products have been recalled.
Though Stephen Sundlof of the FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition ensures the safety of the peanut butter sold in jars in grocery stores. "We don't have concern about the national, name-brand peanut butter that's sold in jars at supermarkets and retail outlets."