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Plane crash kills 50

A continental commuter plane crashed into a Buffalo suburban home Thursday killing all 49 passengers and the resident of the house, according to a report by USA Today.
Continental Connection Flight 3407, traveling from Newark, N.J. and was five miles away from its destination at Buffalo Niagara International Airport when witnesses heard the aircraft sputtering and from fall from the sky to come crashing directly into the house.
The plane was carrying 5000 pounds of fuel and immediatly exploded after the crash creating flames 50-100 feet high.
Though one resident of the house, not yet named, died, two survivors of the incident escaped from the house, Karen Wielinski, 57, and her 22-year-old daughter.
County Emergency Coordinator David Bissonette said it was surprising that more damage was not caused on the ground.
"It's remarkable that it only took one house. As devastating as that is, it could have wiped out the entire neighborhood."
The cause of the crash is under investigation as there wasn't an emergency call before from the pilot before the crash. Though after listening to air traffic control messages, one of the pilots said they were collecting ice on their wings since 20 miles south of the airport.
The NY Times said that the boxes are being analyzed by the National Transportation Safety Board this afternoon.