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Damages of Austraila oil spill misjudged

An Associated Press report in USA Today announced that an oil spill that took place on Australia's northern shore is ten times worse than previously thought, according to a government official.
Queensland state Deputy Premier Paul Lucas told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio that officials estimate the ship leaked around 60,700 gallons of oil.
Previous estimates were around 5300-7900 gallons of leaked oil.
Swire Shipping Ltd told government officials that containers of fertilizers broke through the fuel tank when the tides were rough causing the 11,000 gallons of oil spilled into the sea.
Premier Anna Bligh said that Britain's Swire Shipping Ltd told government officials that the amount of oil was actually much less than what was accurate.
Hundreds of government officials are currently working to clean Australia's Sunshine Coast and Moreton Island.
Under Australian law, the company may be liable to pay up to $160 million more in penalties for causing environmental damage.