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Delayed Discovery blasts off

After a month of delays the space shuttle Discovery took flight on Sunday night with a crew of seven members, according to a report by The New York Times
The shuttle blasted off from 7:43 p.m. and will be traveling two days to the International Space Center to install power generating solar array wings to the station.
"You had a little bit of a wait, but that will just make the payoff that much sweeter," Shuttle Launch Director Mike Leinbach said.
The ship also carries parts to fix a recyclable water system that turns urine into sanitary drinking water.
The blast off was reported by The Times as being aesthetically pleasing with grays, oranges and sunset colors.
“I’ve seen a lot of launches,” said Michael D. Leinbach, the shuttle launching director. “This was the most visibly beautiful launch I’ve ever seen.”
http://www.usatoday.com/tech/science/space/2009-03-15-shuttle-launch_N.htm">USA Today reported the delay in the blast off to be a result from a complication "with valves in the shuttle's main propulsion system."