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Mount Redoubt re-eruption

Mount Redoubt, an Alaskan Volcano, erupted several times on Thursday since it last erupted on Sunday, said a report in USA Today.
The Alaska Volcano Observatory said there were two significant eruptions that caused ash to spew as far as 12 miles into the air. reeruption
The first started at 8:30 am and shot ash 30,000 feet in the air while the second eruption shot ash as high as 65,000 feet.
There were 5 to 10 smaller eruptions after these but none of them reached altitudes over 20,000 feet.
The National Weather service reports that winds could carry the ash to communities in the Western Kenai Peninsula as well as the states largest town, Anchorage.
The volcanic ash is also causing flooding problems and airline complications.
The New York Times reported that the volcano also erupted five times overnight Sunday and Monday sending an ash plume more than nine miles into the air.
Before this week the last time Mount Redoubt was active was 20 years ago, in which eruptions continued for four months.
"We can have these large explosions pretty much any time," said Stephanie Prejean, an observatory seismologist. "We don't know how long this will continue."