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$150,000 awarded in Goldman Environmental Prizes

This years "Goldman Environmental Prizes" will take place in San Fransisco on Monday where six environmental activists from around the globe will be awarded $150,000 according to USA Today
One winner is selected from each continent in Africa, Asia, Europe, Islands and Island Nations, North America, and South and Central America.
The winner selected from North America this year is Maria Gunnoe, of Bob White, W.Va, who is working on removing the process of ending mountain top removal mining.
Gunnoe said she is been fighting since 2003 in which a creek flooded, as a result of the mining, and caused damages to her house.
"I've had a 60 foot wide, 20 foot tall wall of water come at me. They lost their intimidation tactics right out the gate," she says.
According to a report in the Contra Costa Times, this year's event will be the 20th anniversary, and 3,300 people from around the nation and the world will attend the invitation-only event.