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NY shooting kills 14 immigrants

Thirteen immigration students and employees were killed and four wounded in a massacre at a social service center in Binghamton N.Y. on Friday, acoording to a report from USA Today.
Jiverly Wong, 42, barricaded the door with his car before open firing on a room of students taking a citizenship exam and then shooting himself.
According to Binghamton Police Chief Joseph Zikuski, six people were wounded, one critically, and were taken to the hospital.
Wong's first victims were the two receptionists at the center.
One died immediately while the other crawled underneath a desk to call 911 for help.
Wong was an Vietnamese immigrant who had been taking classes at the center until recently to improve his English, was in full body armor and used two handguns as weapons.
According to the New York Times, Zikuski said, β€œAt one point in his thinking process, he was going to take the police on β€” or at least try to stop us from stopping him.”
There is currently an investigation on the cause's of Wong's actions.
Zikuski believes his frustrations of an immigrant may have pushed Wong to act extreme.
Wong was having difficulty learning English and was dependent on government financial support.