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Obama's Earth Day speech delivered in Iowa

President Obama will address the green economy at a wind power plant in Iowa on Earth Day, according a report in the New York Times.
Obama will discuss his administration's energy agenda, which includes decreasing dependence on oil and the creation of green jobs, at a Maytag plant in Newton, Iowa
Van Jones, White House Council on Environmental Quality adviser, said that Obama's speech in Iowa shows how the administration is doing more to reach out to areas that are not considered mainstream environmental areas.
"I think normally you would not expect the president of the United States to spend Earth Day standing in a closed plant in Iowa," Jones said. "You will see a manufacturing hub that was part of the last century's economy coming back as a manufacturing hub of the next century's economy."
According to the Washington Post, Obama urged congress to pass legislation that would allow $150 billion to be invested towards research and implementation of renewable energy also.
Obama also pressured congress to speed up the process of installing a cap-and-trade system with companies emissions.