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U.N. becomes impatient with U.S. climate change plans

The U.S. has promised to increase their efforts in decreasing their greenhouse gas emmissions at United Nations climate talks on Wednesday, according to a report by the New York Times.
However, many delgates and U.N. officials are concerned that the U.S. plans are not as immediate as those needed.
Jonathan Pershing, the deputy special envoy for climate change, said at a news conference that Obama's plan requires all countries, including developing countries, to curb their emissions by the year 2050.
The Kayoto Protocol established in 1997 requires emission reductions by the year 2012 for developed nations.
He also said that most other programs, such as the European Union program, sets rates for decrease of emissions for 2020.
Pershing said that the U.S. plan will have a more detailed outline by June in which negotiations will resume in Bonn, Germany.
However, Pershing said that details like how much the United States would reduce emissions, when the reductions would take place and how much money would be spent on curbing emissions would unlikely be decided by June.
“U.S. policy is something we’re developing at home, according to what we see as the science and political capacity.” Pershing said