January 22, 2008

Lunch Is For Sissies

Needed a pick-me-up after class this afternoon.
Coffee & a bagel typically passes for 'lunch' in my world.
Lunch just makes me sleepy so I tend to avoid it altogether.

January 21, 2008


Cold and snowy day. I needed something hot and caffeinated to get me going.
Café au lait and biscotti at Lori's: $3.00

I needed some odds and ends to make dinner tonight. Stopping in the Seward Co-Op on the way home from the office I picked up bleu cheese crumbles, crushed walnuts, a pear and mixed greens with which to make a salad. Also some dry, bulk foodstuffs: $8.67

January 20, 2008

Wine of the Times

Saturday evening I bought two bottles of wine at Skol Liquors in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis where I live. My wife and I have wine with dinner almost every night. For this reason it is important to find good, low-cost wines. Wines from Chile, Spain, Portugal and Argentina are typically good sources for inexpensive, quality wines. In this case I bought two bottles of full-bodied reds from Chile for $7.99 each.

January 19, 2008



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C-c-consuming at Ik-k-kea


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Too Cold to Consume!

It's 9:50 am and it's -15º outside -- the only things I plan on consuming today are calories! Although I am consuming a lot of energy in the form of gas for home heating; the furnace kicks on every minute or so.