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Feelings about the trip, book summary

I am feeling extremely excited about the trip, and at the same time am a little nervous because i often experience drastic cases of home-sickness. I keep telling myself i'll be too busy to get homesick, but i often do even on just one week trips. It overall should be an amazing experience well worth a little homesickness.
The book i read parts of was China & Globalization, which was interesting from what i saw. I was extremely impressed with the architectural feats that have been occuring in China in the past 25 years. The author mentioned one city in particular called Pudong that he recalled seeing in the early 90's as being an area of nothing but fields and housing projects. The area today consists of sky-scrapers one of which being one of the tallest in the world. The futuristic design of these areas is very interesting to me, as an architecture minor it compells me to learn as much about these designs being instated into their society. I am interested in the overall success and growth that the book speaks of, that most people know just from learning in school, or even on the news, of China and their economy. It is amazing how rapid they are able to adjust/redesign to have reasonable implimentation of rules/regulation to keep an ever-changing country in a relatively stable state economically speaking. This is going to be very interesting to experience first hand, once in China on business trips to the different local and international organizations.