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The people feeling homesick suggested we go to TGI Friday's last night, so we did. We got a banquet room and overwhelmed the staff. The flair was tremendous, my favorite was the Marilyn Manson pin on the main waiter helping us. I got a sim card for my phone yesterday, so I called my house to say

hi. Yesterday Jason gave me Meghan's replacement name tag, and before I realized it, I had tactfully inserted the card in to the sheath. Proud of my work, I let her trade lanyards with me rather than take it out. This proved a bad idea, as her cord just broke as I was taking it off. Also, we walked around a big mall yesterday with Dahui. It was big and we all got thirsty walking around in the heat. Chinese people like to look at John though, so it was worth it for their entertainment. (now who's altruistic?) As we were walking around, we saw some interesting things, a house built of pottery, a ping pong UFO, and a cool t-shirt.
We went to Carrfour for beer last night and it was an intense experience picking out beer, waiting in line, and buying our goods. We are leaving for a boat tour in five minutes, it should be exciting as well.