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Buses in China

I have really enjoyed our time in China thus far, but I don't know what we'd do without the help of Chinese students like Rena and Lily, especially in some of the situations we have ended up in...Last night, for example, after eating at the Japanese place there were five of us that were trying to get home, but the taxi driver wouldn't let all of us get in. So Rena asked us if we felt comfortable taking the bus. We were up for an adventure...and so we said yes! The bus system here is organized chaos...we had no idea what was going on, yet everyone else seemed to know exactly what bus to get on and where to get off...

After talking with a couple people at the bus stop (Rena...not us) we found a bus that would bring us somewhat near our hotel. We jumped on and all the seats were taken so we stood holding on (at times we thought for dear life.) The best part of the ride was the lady that got so distracted by "the Americans" on the bus that she missed her stop and started yelling at the driver. Of course we couldn't understand, but after Rena finished laughing she informed us of why the lady was so upset.

Today, we also road the buses with Lily to the Ancient Culture Street and back. Again, people were taking random pictures of us and starring, but I really enjoyed both experiences. It was a little scary, though, when our bus driver decided to go into the bike lane because he was sick of waiting for the traffic light. Even though taxi's here are very cheap, the buses are significanly cheaper and at times I think faster because they are bigger and it seems as though when you're on streets in China, the biggest "thing" (whether is be car, bike, person, or bus) wins and gets to go first!