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business visits and massages

We had our first two business visits today. It was also the hottest day we've had thus far. We visited a seat manufacturer for Toyota and a steel plant. Neither were air conditioned, and I think if I had to work there for 8 hours I would have passed out. We found out that the Toyota factory offers complete healthcare, though, for their employees, and the best benefits package compared to all similar companies. Neither of the companies we visited reminded me of my idea of a sweat shop, and the working conditions were fairly good for that kind of position. If the company was in the United States, I don't think the working conditions would change much, except maybe offer air conditioning for their buildings. The floors were clean, their uniforms were fairly new, and their spirits seemed to be high. Even though labor may be cheap, they get paid fairly well for the kind of job they are doing. Most of the employees at the Toyota company were high school graduates but never went to college, and I did not ask that question at the other company.

Yesterday 7 of us went and got massages at a spa down the road. We did not have a translator with us, so that was an experience. We were pretty sure they were talking and laughing about us the whole time, but it was fun anyways. All of our feet were really tired from walking around all day, but the massage was mostly on our feet and legs and felt amazing!! I will probably go back and get another before we head home to the States.