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China: a wonderful place to study

I am very excited and a little nervous about this trip to China. Now that all of my finals are done I can really focus on the trip and start thinking about all the great experiences I will have over there. I'm nervous because being away from home for a month is quite a long time for me and also the earthquake that just killed 15,000 is kind of scary. I chose to study in China because every one I've spoke with says studying abroad is the greates experience. It will be so interesting to learn about China's business practices and how they differ from ours and how they are similar. The United States does so much business with China, it will really be a great learning experience that I can apply to my first job.

I read the book "What is Tao?" I learned it is actually pronounced "dow" and it is not an easy thing to describe. Taoism places great emphasis on the balance between our human awareness and our natural being, as an intregal part of the web of life. Tao kind of means "the way" it also refers to nature as in the sense of one's own true nature. There are many Taoist arts such as poetry, calligraphy, and movement arts.