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China: Here We Come!

Like many of the other blogs say, I am extremely excited to study in China. I can't say that China has been the place I'd like to go abroad all my life, but when this opportunity came along, I found it hard to pass up.

I received a "China Travel Book" from a friend (thanks Stacy) and have been reading about all of the exciting things to do, sites to see, and food to eat since. Being a person who is not extremely adventurous and a very picky eater, the book (while exciting) also made me a bit nervous. However, I am going to really challenge myself (and all of you) to try new things. A couple things I would recommend bringing based on this book are the following: hand sanitizer, your own toilet paper, comfortable shoes and an open mind!

I am eager to get to know all of you and I'll see you Sunday at the airport. Also, congrats to everyone graduating on Saturday!