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China, here we come!!!

So it is about two days before we take the flight out to China, and to be honest I am uber excited, but really nervous. I am kinda scared that I will get lost or hurt or sick or have my money stolen or something like that. My family is also really nervous, especaillly with the eartqauke that happened. I tell them everything will be fine, and they have nothing to worry about. I am wondering about what to pack and I have gone over everything in my head so many times I hope I don;t forget anything. I want to make this trip to get an idea of what the world is like. I have been sheltered in this MInnesota life, and want to experaince something so big and great, a life changing experiance and I think that this trip is it. I also think that it will help me in thr future in my career. With China becoming so powerful in the world market, I think it will be a perk to know first hand, how thier culture is and what it is like over there. The book I read was the Tao is Silent. Not gonna lie, it was kinda confusing. The Tao is something you beleive in, like a religion, but u don't proclaim it, u just know its there. Its all around at all times, and u know its there but u never see it. It is a faith in something so great, and never having doubt in its power, that never needs to be spoken of or proven or exclaimed. It is the Tao!!

See u guys soon

Jen K