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Driving, Biking, or Walking...it's all nuts!

I traveled to other countries before such as England, Ireland, Scotland, Mexico, and Canada, but I have never seen any streets look like they do here in Tianjin. In every major city the driving seems to be fast and some may choose to not follow the rules and regulations put in place for our safety, but China doesn't seem to have any driving laws. Cars just swerve in and out of traffic as they please and if there isn't enough room on the road...they hit the sidewalk. Even the designated bike lanes are filled with cars. The other new element in China are the bikes. It is like playing a giant game of frogger, just hoping to make it across the street in one piece. There are just so many people here that every mode of tranportation needs to be used. I'm kind of surprised that I have not seen a real bad accident yet. I have seen a car back into a post while driving on the sidewalk, but that is about it. Walking down the streets of Tianjin is filled with quick sprints and close calls, but I think I'm finally starting to get used to it.