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Getting ready to Leave!

Soo... I leave in two days! Its hard to believe tomorrow I walk across the stage to receive my diploma but knowing I still have China to pass before I graduate! I am just finishing up all of my packing... Its so hard to decide what to pack for four weeks to a country I have never been to! I am soo excited to engage on the greatest adventure ever! In a sense I don't know what to expect... but that makes it so amazing. I am happy I have some good friends going and our professor is the greatest! My biggest fear right now is the whole flying thing. Poor Meghan and Morgan will have to witness my freak out as we are taking off... But I figure if I can fly to New Zealand I can fly to China. I am hoping that I will have the chance to reach everyone back home plenty! I hope I can figure out the cell phone thing...

I have been reading the book titled "Culture Shock." It is a book dedicated entirely to China and their culture. I have learned soo much from this book. The things provided in this book range from the history to how to use the bathroom. So I got a chance to get a quick glimpse into the history of China. I am happy to understand some of the past information because I think it will help me to understand the present. There is also a section in the book dedicated to the business world of China. I have a small understanding of what goes on in a business transaction. I am hoping that this information assists me when meeting with business professionals. I am looking forward to meeting business individuals and seeing if the book was true. I also enjoyed the portions of the book that provide background information on what to expect in a restaurant and at hotels. I am looking forward to finally putting this knowledge I have learned into real life!!