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International Business

By Stacy Jorgenson

Today showed to be a fantastic day. We had a chance to visit a few international companies. I was really intrigued with the first organization we went to. I thought it was really interesting to hear the lady speak about her past experience. I am really interested in getting involved with international business in the future. Having the chance to understand how this business operates internationally allowed me to have a quick preview to what I may encounter one day. We then went to the Coca-Cola plant! We were able to see the bottling process, but we didn't get a chance to learn any about the business practice. Dahui also took some time today to explain to us how the government intervenes with the businesses.

The days have been long and hot here.... The humidity is starting to place some affect on me. I feel myself becoming lethargic early in the days. It is amazing that the individuals here all wear long sleeves and long pants. I don't understand how they can endure the heat!

Yesterday was yet another interesting culture clash. Meghan and I went to shop at Carrefour and at one point we needed the restroom. But due to the language difference I was unable to successfully ask for the bathroom. I used every word I could possibly think of to explain toilet; and I even pointed. At times it gets a little frustrating not being able to understand the language; but I think its events like this that assist with my personal growth. At times I think it is good for me to not have someone to continue and interpret for me. Although those who have dedicated their time to assisting us have been amazing. Reena is quite possibly the most generous person I have ever met! She is always there to assist us with questions.

Last night was quite possibly the best meal I have had since I have gotten here! We finally found an American bar and grill! Hank's Bar and Grill was the savior. Morgan, Meghan, Wes and I got dropped off and wandered around for awhile looking for the restaurant. I was once again feeling discouraged that this restaurant did not exist. But we found it! The menu was written completely in English! There was a group of business men sitting behind us that were drunk and hooting and hollering! I felt as though I was at home! We then got the chance to meet Hank! He is originally from Chicago and found himself out here. I think it is a brilliant idea to open up an American restaurant here just as the Chinese open Chinese restaurants back in the states. Once the Olympics take place I forsee Hank's place filling up!

Once again another day in China... I miss everyone so much from back home.... I continue to call home, so SORRY Moms for calling all time. I am happy that everyone here is continuing to get along! I know a few weeks from here I will be missing all these individuals... I am happy though that some of the girls will be close to my house once I get home!!