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Pre-trip blog

Last weekend I went home for the day for Mother's Day to see my family before we leave, I only saw my extended family briefly but they are very excited about me going to China and all have their own input on the subject. My uncle, who works in the national defense sector, of course has to ridicule the communist in me. My grandpa was more concerned with the living conditions and the gross foods he has

seen in chain e-mails. And of course after the earthquake everyone was concerned with our proximity to Sichuan. I am agog at the opportunity to be in Asia at such a active time in the world spotlight-- Olympics, earthquake, Cyclone Nargis in Burma, and whatever else could happen in the next two days.
The book I have been working on is called The Coming Collapse of China by Gordon G. Chang, a Chinese American lawyer and author. The book is a little dated, having come out at the turn of the century, but still contains a plethora of information about the history of China. From Mao's Great Leap Forward to Tiananmen Square, Chang discusses the issues communism has bought to China. As for the title of the book, Chang sees major problems with the infrastructure of the government. He mainly discusses pitfalls between a free market economy and a control government. It gets relatively technical when he begins the discussion of the bankruptcy rules for State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and the big state controlled lending institutions.