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Shopping Experience and Foot Massage!

Today was an awesome day! It was fun to have no time limits and explore the shopping of Tianjin. Starting at ten in the morning a group of us went to "Gold Street," which is well known for all the shopping. When we got there we started in the mall and I quickly knew I wanted to shop in the stores on the street. The malls here are more expensive and overwhelming.

Once we got to the streets I was in heaven. I could take my time and look through all the shops. The hardest part is not having our own independence with such a strong language barrier holding us back. By the end of the day I could somewhat communicate better, by signing and pointing. Once and awhile a Chinese that could speak English would say, "Can I help you." This is so helpful at times and it is so nice to talk to some people. The hardest part about being here without speaking Chinese is not being able to talk to anyone besides students on the trip.

Leon, Laura, and I ate at a noodle place, and I ordered rice. It kind of gets hard to keep eating ethnic food. I definitely crave American food once in awhile. For supper, I got a sandwich from the Paris baked goods store in the mall. It was so nice to have something, somewhat American. I do like the ethnic food but I need American food at least once a day.

After seven hours of shopping, Leon, Laura, Andrea, Jen, and me went to a place that gave massages. It was absolutely a girls dream come true. Six hours of shopping and then a massage!!! A 90 minute, amazing foot, leg, arm, and back massage for less than 20 US dollars!!!! I'll definitely be going back there!

Overall today was fun!