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TEDA, etc.

Wes and I have been whittling down our paper topics, we decided on one Monday: architecture. So it was awesome to go to TEDA and see stuff. Don't want to disclose too much though -- I'm sure everyone will be clamoring to read it. When we told the Chinese students about our trip they knew all about the place and dreaded the bus ride for us. It probably would have been much worse if we were familiar with the terrain, but, being new to the area it was fun to look around.

I thought it was very strange that all the buildings seemed empty. Also eerie was the football stadium --dusty, and seemed to contribute to the feeling of emptiness in the town. The place was cool, the park was great and the suspension bridge was neat. Wes had a good time by himself at the pond, and Stacy had fun touching the public refuse bin.

The school construction projects should help, and the condos are very nice-looking and appealing. It was a cool place to visit, and I hope the economic expansion project picks up and people start to utilize the cool attractions in the special economic development zone.