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The Market

Near our hotel is a market place with fresh fruit, meat, ice cream, and meat to buy. I have been through the market three times now and each time i become more comfortable in the atmosphere. The first time I went in there, it was a hot day and everything smelled odd. I was surprised that they leave the meat out without it being in a cooler. This market has many things American's wouldn't imagine could be sold. Things such as: chicken feet, chicken heads, chicken hearts, live fish (to eat), bullfrogs, and many more products that just sit out in the hot weather.

This market also has vendors throughout the store, if you like the food it would only cost 50 American cents to purchase. I tried Laura's meal today and I wasn't a fan. For eating cheap, I'll stick to my ramen. Tonight when Laura and I went to the market to buy her supper and banana's for me, it wasn't as appalling has it had been before. We are slowly becoming more comfortable with things we had never seen before. We may not eat the meat they have sitting out, but it is not as unusual as it was the first time we saw it.