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Tour of Tianjin

Today, Wednesday in Tianjin was very exciting. We had our first lecture and took a tour of Tianjin on a bus. It was interesting to see all of the tall skyscrapers and housing. It's also amazing how everyone drives and rides bikes around here, I'm constantly worrying that the people will get hit, however, I haven't seen that yet. And I hope I don't see that happen either!

Before we went on a tour we had a lecture, our first lecture was led by Dahui. We talked about the culture differences。 What made this lecture useful was the fact that we had Chinese students to talk to! It was neat to hear their perspectives about different topics. During this time we also got to know what Chinese people thought of American people an vise versa. The girl my group was talking to thought we were very collective, when we are definitely more individualistic.

After our first lecture we had lunch at the hotel, it was very good. It was similar to "American" Chinese food. One thing you will never find in China is cold milk, its warm, if they do have cold milk it’s usually chilled and taste vanilla like. It wasn't actually that bad (I just tasted it). After we ate we then went on our tour of Tianjin.

During our tour we went to the newer part of Tianjin, the buildings are amazing. Everywhere you go everything is being built of rebuilt, so there is construction everywhere. During this time we also stopped at two very fancy shopping malls, we didn't shop, just toured the location. This weekend we will go back and actually shop. On our tour we also stopped at a "People's Park" which in the US would be called a "public park" at this public park it was full of roses and fountains, it was gorgeous and so colorful. At this park we also saw 3-4 wedding parties. The dresses were amazing and the brides were beautiful!

After our tour we were dropped off at TGIF, we finally could have some American food!! This was my first full meal in 2 days. Ironically I always feel full, I've never been starving.

That is all I have for now, I'm tired and need to shower. It's been a busy, fun day!