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Yeah China!!!

Wow, it's actually just sunk in that we leave tomorrow! As I'm packing up my stuff all the questions about what we’re going to be doing and all the things we are going to experience keep running through my mind. It's going to be two different extremes with the aftermath of the earthquake and the hype of the Olympics. We are so lucky to get this opportunity when so much of the worlds focus in on China. But, I’m going to miss my family and friends. I already know it’s going to be very difficult without talking to them every day. But still, I’m excited to see where this trip leads us!

The book I read was Chinese in Minnesota by Fuller. It described the Chinese population who migrated here and how many started their own businesses, laundry mats or Chinese restaurants. It was very interesting to read about how this group differed from those who went to California and worked on the railroads. This book opened my eyes to see how they were treated and the culture shock they overcame.