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I went shopping yesterday with a couple girls from UMD, and I don't think everyone understands the power of bargaining for the things they want to buy. It is the culture over here to barter for everything in the small markets, and some of the girls just take the price that the shops propose. I was horrified that they didn't even barter at all. I'm a penny pincher I guess, but that was just nuts to me. We were buying ipod chargers yesterday, and we were going to buy 2 total, and a cord, and she wanted us to pay 200 Yuan total. I turned to the girl, as she was digging out her money to pay the 200, and said, "I bet I get get them for 150." She was surprised, but agreed to let me barter to save us both money. I did get them for 150, and everyone went home happy! The same goes for Ancient Culture Street, and another "market" we went to in Beijing that was more like the Mall of America packed with vendors. The moral of the story is "when in China, save yourself some money and barter."