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Beijing Recap

After going to Beijing twice I needed a couple of days to let it all settle in. Beijing is by far one of my favorite cities. There is so much to do that 2 weekends didn’t feel like enough. The first weekend was fun, but the second was an entirely new view at this amazing city. Getting lost is easy to do and happened a few times. Until you get down into the subway you don’t know which part of the city you are in. The subway is quick efficient and was extremely easy to use. I really enjoyed getting the chance to be in a different transportation other than a plane or taxi (it was my first subway experience). We met up with Tian and some of his friends for a night out on the town. I loved the meal we had which included camel hump and geoduck clam. It was very fancy and everything was covered in gold.

The next day was shopping heaven and now I’m an old pro at bargaining the price down to what I think is acceptable. One woman said to Shannon and I “you are so pretty, why so mean,? we laughed and she followed up with “so pretty and so clever.?

Shannon and I had also decided to leave our bags at the hostel so we split off from Meghan and Stacy to make the trip across town to the hostel and then find our way back to the train station on time. We managed to take the subway all the way there and only for 2 Yuan (less than $.50) where our cab to the hostel was 50 Yuan.