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Beijing & The Great Wall!

Spending the weekend in Beijing was absolutely amazing. It by far was the best time I’ve had in China, probably because everything we did I was looking forward to before ever leaving the US. Even though we have been here for two week, it was the first time I’ve actually felt like I was in another country. Every day was jam packed with activities, we were your average tourist, but it was great! It was amazing to see all of the Chinese cultural areas as the architecture and detailed paintings are things you would never be able to see or understand from a picture. The Great Wall was the best part of the weekend. There is no real way to describe what it’s like without being there. It was such an accomplishment to make it to each tower and then continue on, as the area we were at was entirely stairs. Its amazing to think about how these Chinese people were able to build this, it’s so difficult to walk up, its mind blogging to think that they carried all the stones up the mountain and then climbed all the stairs. Our tour guide told us that at one point a fourth of all the men in China were working on the wall. I truly understand why it’s one of the wonders of world, I am very proud to say I was able to walk on the Wall. Once you reach the top, you’d think going down would be so much easier, which physically it is, but mentally, it’s quite a trip. This is the one place I can say I’ve been afraid of heights, and maybe it’s not so much the height but rather the uneven stair with hundreds of people on them while you’re trying to walk down with tired muscles. Once you’re back on the bottom, it’s a feeling of relief and amazement.