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Beijing v. Tianjin

Put it this way...in a smack down battle royale wrestling match between Beijing and Tianjin...Beijing would dominate. Don't get me wrong I enjoy both cities very much, but when I was in Beijing I felt like we fit in a little better among the rest of the tourists. It was a nice change to be able to speak English for the weekend and have people actually understand you. Beijing was a much cleaner city than Tianjin as well. I don't know if it always looks like that or they are just keeping it clean and beautiful for the Olympics. It was very beautiful in that there were flower gardens eveywhere and it was not as polluted as Tianjin. The other thing I noticed is people actually know how to drive in Beijing...they are not on laying on their horns at all times and acutally follow the line painted on the roads. Not to mention all of the awesome tourist attractions in Beijing. The Great Wall, Tien'amon Square, the Temple of Heaven, and the Ming Tombs. Well, we are back "home" in Tianjin and I was reminded of that when Courtney and I headed down to the KFC last night. It was very crowded and we were lucky to find a little two seat table. Next, a father and son walked in looking for a place to sit down and there was only one small table open in the entire restaurant and it was next to Court and I. The little boy looked about 5-6 years old and he looked terrified when his father told him to sit next to us. I'm sure he had never seen anyone that looked like us before or very rarely if he had. He was so nervous that his father moved him to a dirty table to eat, rather than sitting by us. WELCOME HOME!!