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Bitter Sweet

Today was our official last day in Tianjin! As excited as I am to go home and smell the sweet air of home I am going to miss many aspects of China. Its amazing how adapted I have become in the last 4 weeks, I almost wish this was the way it was when I first got here; but its all about the experience. Today I was lucky enough to try a traditional Southern Chinese breakfast that Leon treated me to. Laura, Leon and I, met Eric and John at this restaurant not far from our hotel. It was neat to experience the food that Leon became accustomed to while living in China. Both Laura and Leon were telling me stories about their trip to the south and how a restaurant like this would be absolutely packed. The meal started out with a chicken rice soup, that tasted very similar to chicken noodle soup, then some other things came ( I can't remember the name). These sweet rolls came and they were SO GOOD! We finished them up and then ordered another batch they were so good!

After we got done eating we headed to Ancient Culture street for one last hoorah! I went back to the place where I bought all my scrolls and bought one more! They recognized me right away and the older man told me he loved me! He asked me where I was from. Even though neither could speak English and I couldn't speak Chinese we found a way to communicate and thank one another for the business. It was truly a neat experience.

Laura and I then came home to pack! I very big task in itself! Ironically my big bag feels lighter than when I left the states! Don't ask me how I accomplished that! But I swear I have never packed so strategically in my life! In about 2 hours we will be heading out of Tianjin for the last time! Like I said I'm excited to go home but I will miss everything I have done here! The people I have met, the hotel, the little shops around our hotel, and all the things I have learned! Everything will always have a place in my heart!