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Burger King in China

Dahui has a bleak outlook for Burger King in China. Their market penetration lacks some of the things we have considered a highlight of other fast food franchises in China. Their entry in to the competitive landscape is late, prices are nearly double, and their product (in my esteemed fast food judging opinion) is inferior. --Although Bryn truly enjoyed her big sloppy Whopper.

souzhou 003.JPG

I had a BBQ bacon burger, and it was not a particularly enjoyable sandwich. Burger King has some serious explaining to do to me. On the way to Tokyo we had about ten minutes of layover, and none of us had really eaten so we went to the Burger King in the airport. Of course, the airport wouldn't have the dollar (or 1.19 or whatever the heck BK is thinking) menu. So I ended up buying a chicken sandwich meal for something like $6.25, a disgustingly inflated rate in my book. After a ten-minute plus wait and banter with the local employee, I had to abandon my meal for fear of missing my flight. Not only does Chinese Burger King suck, but so does the airport one. They'll be getting a letter. A Whopper meal is 31 yuan, and a Big Mac meal is 18. All in all, I agree with Dahui's concerns for BK's success.